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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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tax in court. it's a hard-fought win for mayor kenny. >> this is the beginning of the process of changing the narrative of poverty in our city. >> good evening. i'm jacqueline london. the 13-4 vote today makes philadelphia the first major u.s. city to pass a sugary drink tax. it set an unusual scene in center city today. on one side, preschoolers watched soda science experiments as a way to show support. on the other side, protestors emptied their grocery carts right on the steps of city hall. we're live outside city hall with more on this reaction. andrea? >> reporter: mayor kenny took on the beverage industry and won. but now another fight is looming. this time, though, in the courts.
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despite impending defeat, the they continue to make a statement showing how much their favorite sugary beverage could cost after the vote. >> this is not obviously just about soda. ì% juice over there, you've got energy drinks. >> reporter: benefits of the tax to children is what ultimately sealed the deal despite looming controversy that the programs for needy kids will not get all the money generated as originally expected. >> it will be even more historic for that kid at the rec center or the kid waiting in line for pre-k. >> ayes 13, nays 4. >> with that vote, philadelphia becomes the first major city to pass a tax on sugary beverages. >> we thank you for everything you do for the citizens and children of philadelphia every
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day. >> now distributors will have to pay 1.5 cents per ounce on every drink. it's one of the many reasons why the coalition will remain involved in this issue despite all of the votes being cast. after this vote is taken, you guys are not going away? >> well, let's say that after the vote's taken, you'll be hearing from us one way or the other. >> reporter: and the beverage industry is not just fighting back because the impact here in philadelphia. the entire country is watching. now philadelphia made the example to other cities trying to implement their own soda tax. reporting live outside of city hall, nbc10 news. and former mayor miker nutter applauded the approval on twitter. it was the right thing for philly when i proposed it five plus years ago and it's right
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today. >> so what's next after the historic vote? the group called no philly unconstitutional and say they will take their fight to the courts. right now, the tax is expected to enter the next fiscal budget two weeks from tomorrow. it will be another six months before the city starts collecting any money from the distributors, not until january 1st of next year. >> anxious to talk about the weather. i know we are. a cloudy and cool day down the shore. not exactly great weather to launch your boat on the water. when that rain was really coming down. are we finally drying out? nbc10 chief meteorologist glen schwartz has our first alert neighborhood weather. >> at this point, it's not raining anywhere in the area. but during the night tonight, some part of the area may see some. nothing on the radar right now.
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close by. but look at this. that is a tremendous line of thunderstorms, severe weather all over the place there. even tornado warnings, but it's moving that way. it's moving closer to washington, d.c., than it is to our area. look what happens we go through the evening. look at that mess over washington. i wouldn't be driving down there this evening or to baltimore. but delaware is just going to get grazed by this as we go through the evening. temperatures in the upper 60s to the low 70s right now. five to 10 degrees colder than we were at this time yesterday. and it's mostly just clouds during the night tonight as you can see. temperatures not dropping a whole lot. in parts of the area, like in delaware, we might see some of those shoirs a showers even fir thing in the morning. then things start to change and improve. i'll get into that and how it's going to affect the weekend in afy minutes.
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in the past hour, president obama left orlando after meeting with the families of the victims of the mass shooting. >> today, the vice president and i told them on behalf of the american people that our hearts are broken, too. and that we stand with you. and that we are here for you. and that we are remembering those who you loved so deeply. >> this is the president's tenth trip to a community victimized by a mass shooting during his presidency. six people wounded in the attack in orlando are still in critical condition at a hospital, and two others have shown improvement from yesterday. 23 people in all are still at orlando regional medical center. the philadelphia city council honored a local victim of the attacks in orlando. several council members presented a privilege resolution
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today. the 18-year-old west catholic graduate was the youngest victim of the orlando mass shooting. murray was in the club with two friends. they were also shot, but both survived. she graduated third in her class at west catholic. and this sunday, the av@x archdiocese of philadelphia plans to hold mass in remembrance of the orlando shooting victims. it's scheduled to begin at 6:30 and all are welcome to attend. the state of new jersey is honoring the orlando mass shooting victims. new jersey governor chris christie has signed an executive order for all state buildings to fly flags at half-staff tomorrow. pat toomey says he is backing legislation to try to prevent a potential terrorist from buying a gun. the republican senator in the middle of his first reelection
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campaign is locked in a tight battle. after a slow start, today wasn't a typical day as jurors deliberate in congressman chaka fattah's corruption trial. we're live outside the federal court with an update. >> reporter: typically when the jury is deliberating, the conferences are over. but today, two separate conferences with the lawyers and the judge behind closed doors. each one lasting about an hour. lawyers are mum on what the behind closed door meeting are about. in earshot of others. the injure is trying to decide if the congressman took bribes, stole campaign funds, or money from an educational nonprofit to
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fund his failed bid for mayor. prosecutors say fattah used his network of friends for his own interests. three alternate jurors are available if needed. they did appear in court just before the judge. this with the entire jury pool. they will be back here tomorrow to continue those deliberations. nbc10 news. philadelphia school reform commission is expected to vote whether to add transgender bathrooms to its schools. if adopted, it would require all schools to designate bathrooms to accommodate transgender and nonconforming students. stay with nbc10 for the very latest on this story. happening now, the department of justice is in delaware county to help chester police whgrove relationships with the community they serve. members of the community oriented policing services are holding a community meeting until 8:00 tonight.
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the goal is to get feedback on how chester police can build relationships with residents. the office and an independent assessment team are conducting the review with the chester police department. new at 6:00, a firsthand look at a rescue by members of atlantic city's coast guard. yesterday, a helicopter crew hoisted a 57-year-old man from a fishing boat 60 miles out to sea. the man was rushed to the hospital for stomach pains. in decision 2016, presumptive democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton picked up the endorsement of the nation's largest labor federation. the leadership of the aflcio threw their support behind secretary clinton today. it's another sign that traditional factions of the democratic party are coming together behind mrs. clinton. the aflcio has more than 12
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million members. you may be able to scratch one name off mrs. clinton's short list for vice president. new jersey senator cory booker told andrea mitchel he is not being vetted by the clinton campaign for the vp job. bernie sanders could reveal his future plans tonight. he will address supporters in a live online video message at 8:30 p.m. sanders has vowed to stay in the race until the convention. and presumptive republican nominee donald trump is in texas tonight. he will hold a campaign rally at a ball room in dallas. trump is expected to host a fundraiser in the dallas area. philadelphia city council officially condemned trump today. they passed a resolution saying trump had expressed racist, sexist, xenophobic and anti-american values. she slammed trump for what she
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called his hate speech. three republican council members voted against the resolution. next on nbc10 news at 6:00, a pot proposal to save atlantic city. why one lawmaker says legalizing recreational marijuana could fix the finances. well, dry air's moving in when we want it the most. i'm tracking the conditions to help you plan your father's day weekend. plus, a wild chase ended with a crash when a homeowner chased down an alleged thief. what happened next that could have the homeowner and the suspect facing charges.
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casino workers in atlantic city are voting today on whether to authorize a strike. local 54 workers could walk off the job at several of ac's largest casinos. workers of the trump taj mahal have already authorized a strike. if union members do authorize the strike, they could hit the pickett lines july 1st. a push for pot. one new jersey lawmaker believes legalizing recreational
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marijuana could fix the finances for crash-strapped atlantic city. ted greenberg explains the proposal. >> reporter: it's an idea that's sparked debate on the boardwalk. legalized recreational marijuana in atlantic city. >> it's here anyway. you're kidding yourself if you don't think it's being sold here and smoked here already. >> reporter: under a bill introduced today, new jersey voters would be asked to decide if heavily regulated pot use shown allowed in the city limits to help provide an economic boost to the near bankrupt seaside resort. >> recreational marijuana in a resort town like this where the families come? i think that's a bad idea. i think that's a recipe for disaster. >> reporter: the assemblyman's plan would permit commercial growth, sale, possession and consumption of marijuana by adults 21 and older.
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it also calls for a 20% tax on the pot. atlantic city would get half that money with the rest going to various state funds. >> we need a lot of attractions to bring a lot of people to atlantic city, but i don't think that's one of them. >> reporter: the city council president says while he appreciates the support, this is one plan that he can't get behind. >> that's not how i was brought uppersnally, to use drugs, promote drugs. >> reporter: if approved, the state department of law and public safety would regulate marijuana in atlantic city. it would also increase penalties for driving under the influence of the drug. ted greenberg, nbc10 news. >> dramatic surveillance video captures the moment a car thief is confronted by his intended victim who grabbed a gun and chased him down. a man woke up to that suspect
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breaking into cars. they captured the chase and the suspect crashing into a building on bridge street. then the homeowner pilled out his gun and opened fire. nobody else was injured. both men are being questioned. a major makeover is on the way for philadelphia's 30th street station and it's expected to take more than three decades to complete. a live look now at 30th street station. it will involve concourse improvements and a tunnel linking amtrak with septa trolleys and the l. they announced this morning all-told it's a $6.5 billion overhaul for the station and the area surrounding it. you see what it's expected to look like in these rendering. it will include an entire urban neighborhood built around the transportation hub. the annual firefly music
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festival is under way in dover. this is video from last year's event which attracted some 90,000 fans over four days. the music festival runs through subbed. -- sunday. and you're going to have great weather for that and just about anything else this weekend. you can see there's nothing really left on the radar. we started off the day really wet. lot of places getting rain. some places getting some heavy rain. as expected, it's all weakened. what an impressive line of thunderstorms. just to give you a clue for your phone apps, when you see a line like that, draw a line in your mind, right perpendicular, that's where it's going. it's headed more toward washington, d.c. good thing. that's a nasty line. upper 60s to loi 70s.
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cloudy skies everywhere through the area. through the night tonight, the heavy stuff goes back toward washington. maybe an isolated shower or two around the philadelphia area. a little bit better chance of delaware in extreme south jersey. if it's not sunny when you get up, it will be sunny later in the day. that will help push temperatures up to near 80 degrees. and then the weekend comes in. and boy, is that going to be nice. lots of sunshine on saturday and sunday. temperatures about average for this time of the year, and very low humidity. nobody's going to be complaining about the humidity this week. sea breezes at the shore, but the ocean is 65 degrees. so it's not a real cold ocean that you can get at this time of the year. that's why a lot of people are going to like this. now, as we go through the day tomorrow, we might start off with clouds and then end up with
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sunshine. 79 fox chase and devon. redding up to 81. 80 in allentown. and then as you go to the south, we got more cloud and we may start the day off with some rain, atlantic city, wilmington, dover. but it's not going to be an all day thing. things are going to improve tremendously. speaking of oñimproving, this i the forecast for the jersey shore. we've got 75 degrees and sunshine saturday. a few clouds in some of the southern shore points on sunday. and maybe even more on monday. the poconos, picture perfect. temperatures in the 70s and bright blue skies. that's what we have saturday and sunday. great father's day forecast here. we start to see some clouds increase monday and then some thunderstorms tuesday. that may be the only real rain threat we get for quite a while
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after that. hi, from comcast sports net. the eagles make their $100 million man official. hear from fletcher cox next in sports. you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. you know what it means. so does pat toomey. toomey got rich working on wall street. then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices. and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires, but higher taxes on working families. no wonder he's gotten millions from wall street. pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania.
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hi, i'm amy from comcast sports net. today, the eagles made it official. fletcher cox is the newest $100 million man. the eagles tweeted out this picture signing the contract extension. it makes him one of the highest
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paid non-quarterbacks in the league. >> when you're dealing with that much money, it's really mind-blowing. i always preach to myself, tell myself continue to be yourself, don't try to be somebody that p (t&háhp &hc% and support the people who support you. >> we feel like it's just going to go up for him and that we're never letting him leave the building. he's got a chance to be a great player in the history of this franchise. >> moving to the diamond. the phillies will try to avoid losing three of four to the bluejays. just six wins in the last 25 games. they do get some reinforcements in the lineup tonight. our phillies coverage begins at
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6:30 with phillies pregame live. our john clerk learned arge diack know will be part of a predraft workout for the sixers on monday. and the flyers are in the process of buying out r.j. umbergers contract. he was a healthy/>ta scratch fo of the flyers' final 25 games last season. final round play at the u.s. open over in oakmont officially suspended for today. this after three separate weather delays that totalled more than four hours. landry is the leader currently at three under. that will do it for sports. we'll be right back after this. experience e you can't find anywhere else. and that's not the only thing you can only find
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gearing up for a nice few days.
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>> fantastic weekend. just couldn't get any better. >> from all of us here at nbc10, the news continues now with "nbc nightly news." we'll see you back here at 11:00. tonight the killer's chilling messages. nbc news has learned he was texting his wife and posting on social media during the massacre. also a new fire storm explodes as president obama meets with victims' families. john mccain says the president's actions led to the attack. warning signs. with disney under fire, wt we found around disney parks. and tonight a father who says a gator chased his son at disney last year. shock waves. a rising star. a mother of twoed killed in a brutal ambush. was he set off by a fight that has divided a nation? and sweet controversy. the first major american city to okay a tax on everything from soda to juice. a lf


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